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Google Workspace Services

Grow and run your business highly efficiently

Google Workspace business solutions impeccably integrate everything you and your team need to get business documentation and communication done, all-in-one place.

Connect, Create and Collaborate

A flexible, innovative solution for people and organizations to achieve more for business and personal performance. Use Google Workspace for business email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing. Get all the tools your team needs to collaborate and get more done.

Innovative business collaboration

  • Familiar tools designed for work from anywhere.
  • Connect and collaborate with customers and partners.
  • Easily manage your tools and simplify costs
  • Protect your business with enterprise-grade security
Google workspace services

Real-time collaboration for teams

  • With Google Workspace, you have all the tools you need.
  • Quickly jump on a secure, enterprise-grade video call with investors
  • Collaborate in real time on your user-growth plan
  • Share and edit your strategy docs as soon as a new idea strikes.

Google Workspace Advantages for Businesses

  • Ensure security such as data encryption, two-factor authentication and admin controls.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations for security and data privacy.
  • Ensure scalability varying levels of features, allowing organizations to support business growth.
  • Ensure optimization for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets for all users in your organization.
  • Ensure integration with other Google services and Google Workspace Marketplace applications.

Google Workspace Features

Take Gmail to work

Google’s ultra-reliable servers guarantee 99.9% uptime email. Industry-leading spam filters keep junk out of your inbox

Store and share files

Keep all your work in one secure place with cloud storage. Access and share with teammates whenever you need it, from your computer or phone.

Work from anywhere

Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations across devices. Real-time co-editing helps you get to the final version faster.

Business-grade security

Maintain your company data safe and protected even in the event of lost or stolen devices and employee turnover.

Easy IT administration

Set up new team members in minutes. It stays up to date automatically, so software updates are done on it’s own.

google workspace services

Google Workspace Expert Services:

HiTech Americas provides expert services in setting up, optimizing and managing Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). We offer guidance, support, and customized solutions to help clients make the most of Google Workspace’s features and tools. Here’s what we offer as Google Workspace consultants:

  • Custom domain setup and verification for Google services.
  • Configure Domain, Email, Meet, Chat, Drive and Teams.
  • Migrate existing data and emails from other providers to Google.
  • Provide admin and user training for real collaboration.
  • Streamline business processes, collaboration etc for Google.
  • Integrate Google Workspace with CRM, ERP, CMS and LMS apps.
  • Create migration strategy that minimizes downtime and data transfer.
  • Consult on Google data security, backups and restores.
  • Configure security settings, implement two-factor authentication.
  • Setup data loss prevention and ensure compliance with regulations.

Tech Setup for Google Workspace

  • Set up Google Workspace mailbox on user computers Outlook.
  • Create user email accounts and authentication methods.
  • Google Workspace billing management support.
  • Direct support from us in case of any issues.
  • Monitor to ensure your Workspace connection is secured.
  • QA support regarding all Workspace features and problems.
  • Link domain to DNS setting and update it into DNS setting.
  • DNS management of your Domain to link to your website hosting.
  • Enable DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) setting to validate outbound email
IT Domain Management Services
Google Workspace is
designed to support security and privacy standards

Highly trusted

Built in encryption, and verification with Zero Trust standard enables teams to work globally and eliminates the need for VPNs.

Global outreach

Operate on a global scale to protect your company’s data from viruses, malware, phishing, and all other internet attacks.

Highly secured

Make everyone safer with secure computing devices that don’t require patching and strong account takeover protections.

Certifications, audits, and assessments

Google undergoes several independent third-party audits on a regular basis to verify our security, privacy, and compliance controls. Google Workspace helps you avoid the penalties for noncompliance by being certified for the most rigorous standards.

Department of Defense
Department of Commerce

Organizations seeking to implement Google Workspace or enhance their existing usage can benefit from the expertise and insights provided by Hitech Americas – the Google Workspace consultants. We ensure that businesses derive maximum value from the platform’s capabilities and improve their overall productivity and collaboration.

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