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PPC Services

data-driven insights to achieve the best ROI for you and your business

Through our Pay Per Click management services, we’ll keep optimizing and evolving your campaigns and find improvements to your campaigns, leaving you with a powerful Pay Per Click strategy that’ll result in more traffic, more sales and a better return on your investment.

Our 360 Degree PPC Services

Google Ads or AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram and Facebook Ads are all ways of PPC advertising. They are also complex, ever-changing, and time-consuming. Our team of web experts has vast experience in PPC Ads management and carry expertise to manage medium to large size campaigns.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Pay Per Click Bid Management
  • Ad copy optimisation & testing
  • Keyword research & management
  • Landing page performance analysis
  • Ad placement and targeting
  • Performance analysis
  • Monthly performance reports

Certified Campaigns

HiTech Americas PPC Account Managers qualified in Google and Microsoft Advertising Editors, ensuring they can manage your paid campaign with the latest industry standards.

Certified PPC Services

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, HubSpot, Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn Advertising, Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), WordStream and SEMrush PPC.

We help businesses with successful marketing campaigns

Increase Website Traffic

Increase Your Sales

Generate More Leads

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Specialist PPC Expert Services

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for the PPC campaigns, including selecting appropriate platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Manage the bidding strategy to ensure that ads are displayed within the allocated budget while maximizing the potential for clicks and conversions.
  • Implement tracking mechanisms to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns in terms of conversions, such as sales, sign-ups, downloads, etc.
  • Work closely with clients to understand their business goals, provide recommendations, and refine the PPC strategy based on feedback.
  • Make data-driven adjustments to campaigns to improve overall performance, increase ROI, and achieve better results over time.
PPC Experts Team HiTech Americas USA

USA PPC Agency: What Ads Do We Excel In?

Our team of experts excel in a number of aspects of pay per click marketing and can provide you with a range of ad strategies to choose from in order to maximize your business and brand exposure. These include:

Google Ads

Our team at HiTech Americas is comprehensively Google Ads certified and thrive on transforming your Google PPC campaigns. We aim to empower you to advertise a product based on metrics so you can spend your PPC budget with confidence.

Google Shopping

Do you operate an E commerce business? We are one of the best UK PPC agencies in the sector. We help our PPC clients increase their brand exposure by running their pay per click campaigns on Google Shopping and to achieve their marketing targets easily and effectively.

Tiktok Ads

Are your products very age-specific? If so, then you must invest in PPC advertising on TikTok. If you want to transform your business almost overnight by simply targeting a new kind of ultra-optimized, highly impressionable and young audience, then TikTok PPC is for you.

Bing Ads

If you’ve been neglecting your output on Bing recently, then maybe it’s time to invest in some quality PPC management. It’s not just Google and Facebook that PPC excels on, but a well launched PPC campaign works just as good on Bing and Chrome.

Amazon Ads

Not seeing the desired gains on Amazon that you once hoped for? Now is the time to invest in PPC advertising. From reviewing your account to implementing a new marketing plan, we can without a doubt massively boost your PPC Amazon ads.

PPC Agency USA

PPC strategy design to implementation services

  • Define specific, measurable goals for your PPC campaigns
  • Identify your target audience’s demographics, interests, behaviors, and pain points.
  • Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords and phrases that your target audience.
  • Analyze your competitors’ PPC strategies to identify opportunities and gain insights into what works best.
  • Determine your PPC budget based on your advertising goals, target audience, and industry competition.
  • Organize your PPC campaigns into well-structured groups based on themes or target audience segments.
  • Write compelling ads that grabs attention, highlight selling points, and include a clear call-to-action (CTA).
  • Design and optimize landing pages that align with your PPC ads and provide a seamless user experience.
  • Choose the right bidding strategy based on your goals, budget, and campaign objectives.
  • Assist with CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).
  • Track key metrics like clicks, impressions, Click-Through Rate, conversion rate, Cost-Per-Acquisition and ROI.
  • Regularly monitor and optimize your PPC campaigns to improve performance and achieve your goals.
  • Use reporting tools from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, WordStream and SEMrush to create custom reports and dashboards.

Benefits of Choosing Our PPC Services

Benefits of using PPC Services

Optimize for conversions

The focus should be on leads and sales, not clicks or impressions. These are vanity metrics. We work to optimize for the metrics your business cares about.

Great reports

We won’t confuse you with jargon. We provide straight forward reports that the executive management team can easily understand and decide on future strategy.

No automated systems

We manually review and manage campaigns on a weekly or daily basis depending on the overall strategy.

No Long Terms Contracts

Our PPC contracts run month to month and you only need to give us 30 days’ notice to cancel. We’re here to help.

No Soils

We built our PPC program to support our client’s inbound marketing with SEO and conversion rate optimization.

A full service PPC company brings to you Marketing and E-commerce success

Google Ads

Get your business at the top of the SERPs right now, with paid traffic.

Google Shopping

The boost to e-commerce generates 8:1 ROI and gets clicks fast.

Ecommerce PPC

We’ve served small to million $ companies. Your business is next.

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    We manually review and manage campaigns on a weekly or daily basis depending on the overall strategy. We execute PPC campaigns and share analytics and leads with customers.