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Learning Management System (LMS)

Your Organization Effectiveness with a Learning Management System

Create, manage, implement and measure your training of your employees, customers, members and partners on LMS with a superior consulting experience that engages and empowers everyone to contribute to full potential for your company.

HiTech Americas works with top notch LMS solution vendors and thus supports diverse needs of our customers. Our modern approach addresses needs of small and large enterprises and educational institutes.

Top notch Social Media Services include :

  • Social Media Consulting 
  • Generate Social Leads 
  • Increase Lead Conversion Rate
  • Boost Your Brand Awareness 
  • Design Social Campaigns 
  • Launch Campaigns 
  • Run Paid Social Marketing Campaigns 
  • Help to Boost Business

Employee Training


Build a stronger people experience from the start with training that gets your new hires up-to-speed – fast!

Skill and develop

Attract, nurture, and keep top talent by giving your people the tools they need to excel at your business.

LMS implementation services

  • Hosting or cloud account setup and linking to your domain
  • Customized branding with your logo and design elements
  • Integration with a variety of systems like CRM and ERPs
  • Data Migration from Excel or Software apps to the LMS
  • Content set up, presentations, quizzes, surveys, events, etc
  • Requirements analysis, design, frameworks, use cases
  • Project consulting, contracting, white labeling and cloud setup
  • Configuration, ccustomizations, integrations, reporting, analytics and BI


Customer Training

Showcase your product

Ensure customers stick around by using courses to drive engagement and adoption of your products.

Build your brand

Stand out from the crowd by creating an academy filled with best-practice advice that nurtures prospects and customers.

Partner Training


Give partners the knowledge and resources they need to start selling from the get-go.

Safeguard your brand

Share the who, what, and where so partners know your business inside out and protect your brand.

Proactively skill up

Keep your partners sharp and up-to-speed by offering continuous learning opportunities.

Members Training

Deliver industry know-how

Give partners the knowledge and resources they need to start selling from the get-go.

Engage every member

Keep your members coming back for more by offering continuous value-add training.

Grow your numbers

Attract more committed members by offering your audience an unrivaled learning experience.

LMS implementation and support services

Customized LMS Solution

Fully Customizable private or white label LMSs based on open-source and commercial vendors.  Customized to your business case, integrations and workflow automations.

LMS as a Service (LaaS) - SaaS

Subscription-based LMS instance with out-of-the-box features, setup in no-time in partnership with Top SaaS based LMS platforms like LearnFresh, Thinkfic, LearnFresh, Moodle

LMS Administration

Complete end to end LMS administration and day-to-day management of your LMS including data trassfers, security and use accounts.

LMS Maintenance and Support

Comprehensive maintenance, support, and upgrades of Saas based LMS platforms based on service contract and otherwise on-demand.

LMS implementation process

Includes planning, configuration, systems integration, data migration, user acceptance testing and going live.

LMS Partners

HiTech Americas provide expert implementation services for the following top rated LMS vendors.

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