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IT Security

Application Security

We provide managed application security solutions to accelerate application release cycles; managed cloud security to assess risks and respond to risks; managed digital identity to streamline business applications; managed security risk to improve high availability of the mission critical systems; and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to detect and respond to threats throughout cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Managed application security
  • Managed cloud security
  • Managed digital identity
  • Managed security risk
  • Managed detection and response

Infrastructure Security

Hi Tech Americas team provides infrastructure monitoring solutions and managed services 24/7. Our security analysts hit upon and respond to threats, recommend remediation techniques, and put in place the systems and policies to reduce security threats, focusing on your systems and services high availability at all times.

  • NextGen Firewall
  • Incident Response
  • Risk Mitigation
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Firewall Management
  • Intrusion Detection

Data Security

Hi Tech Americas team targets to prevent security issues before they occur. We discover and address issues like unpatched software, incomplete antivirus installations, and users with poor security habits. Once addressed, we work to implement more advanced features including:

  • Systems Management
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Email Security
  • Antivirus
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Risk and Vulnerability Management

Hi Tech Americas team provides flexible yet resilient risk and vulnerability management services. We protect against attacks that may be introduced due to changes by administrators, connections to business partners, or new applications.

  • Risk identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Network Access Control
  • Network Vulnerability Testing

Our Partners

  1. Fujitsu
  2. IBM
  3. Lumen
  4. NTT
  5. Optiv
  6. Secureworks
  7. Trustwave
  8. Verizon
  9. Wipro







Security Management

With the capability to research all facts of security 24/7, AMERICAS TECHX team provides managed security services in the USA. Our approach reduces risks and exposure of  security attacks, ensuring important alerts are addressed before incidents happen.


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